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Hodgepodge Tavern / Re: The Wall
« Last post by Kat on Today at 08:10:38 AM »
Feast Menu
((Please see General Discussion post for more OOP information))
General Discussion / April survey is live!
« Last post by Casey Hardy on April 24, 2017, 08:15:24 PM »
The April feedback survey is live, and will be open through next Monday! Now that you've had some time to reflect on the event, please take a few minutes to give us your honest and constructive responses so we can keep making Shadowmoor even better. Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Poison/alchemy book
« Last post by AmyL on April 24, 2017, 03:04:54 PM »
If you are specifically discussing whether one book can contain both poison and alchemy recipes, the answer is no.  If you are specifically asking if one book can contain all the poisons OR all the alchemy, the answer is yes.

Please see page 57 of the shadowmoor supplement which explains book formatting.  You can only have one "school" per book (celestial, earth, poison, alchemy), and one spell/recipe per sheet of paper (sheet as in front/back)
General Discussion / Poison/alchemy book
« Last post by Draven on April 20, 2017, 11:44:14 PM »
Can one book be used for multiple crafting skill "recipes" or do they need to be seperate books?
General Discussion / Tavern Info for May Feast
« Last post by Kat on April 20, 2017, 02:52:33 PM »
Tavern Info for May Feast

**Tavern Volunteers for Feast:

Volunteering for the tavern always comes with fantastic perks.  There is a lot of extra prep and clean-up work for Feast. Any tavern volunteers working the kitchen on the day of Feast will get double the usual gob/gold rewards.  If you would like more info on this or want to sign up for a shift ahead of time, please contact tavern staff on Friday night. 

*Feast Pre-Pay Tickets

This year players will have the option to pre-pay for their feast.
The price for Feast is $10

Pre-paid Tickets for Feast will go on sale Friday night at 8:00 pm in the Tavern.  Pre-paid Feast Tickets will be available until 2:00 pm on Saturday Afternoon.
Feast will be served at 6:00 pm.  Lines to enter the tavern will form at the back door.  There will be two lines, the express line for those with their pre-paid tickets, (please bring your ticket with you or you will have to get in the other line) and a line for those who have not pre-paid.  Those in the express line will enter the tavern and be served first.  The tab book will be available at the back door for those who have not Pre-paid for their Feast meal.
*Festival Lunch on Saturday

Lunch will be prepared and served outside at the back of the tavern.   Lunch will be ready to serve around 12:30 pm.  (Please be patient during our change over from breakfast to lunch) Burgers, Grilled Chicken sandwiches, Sandwich wraps, chips, drinks and other counter items will be available at the outdoor tavern station.  No one will be permitted into the tavern kitchen after lunch starts serving unless they are working to prep for Feast.  Please do not come into the kitchen unless you want to be put to work. 

Hot food will not be served after 3:00 pm.  Counter items and drinks will still be available for purchase on the back porch.

** The Microwave Menu will not be available from Noon on Saturday until after Feast **

*Decorating Your Table for Feast

The tavern dining room will be closed at 3:30 so that it can be cleaned and prepped for Feast.  Please do not leave anything inside the tavern dining room.  This includes decorations for feast.  Any items left in the tavern will be placed on the front porch.

Players will be allowed back into the Dining room at 4:30 to decorate their tables for Feast.  Tables can be “claimed” at this time on a first come first served basis.  There will be a tavern worker at the entrance to the tavern at 4:30 to answer questions and assist players.

•   Tables should not be pushed together.  The tavern understands that large groups like to sit together, however we need every seat and bench space to be available for use.  Pushing tables together means less room for people to sit. 

•   Please do not reserve more tables than your group needs. We want to have room for everyone.  8 people can comfortably sit at a table.  If you see that you will have extra seats at your table, (i.e. your group has 12 people so you reserve two tables = you have 4 extra seats) You may want to consider inviting new players or a smaller group to join you.  The tavern has only so many seats available.  It is possible, if your table is not filled, that players will be seated with your group if no other seats are available.

•   All decorating should be finished no later than 5:30. Players will be asked to leave the tavern building at that time. This is so that the tavern staff can finish last minute preparations for feast.

•   Please be understanding with the tavern staff. The tavern staff may remind folks about some of the points made above.  Please be understanding and follow the instructions that the tavern staff gives in regard to feast.  There is no reason for anyone to be rude or disrespectful to the tavern workers.  The tavern workers are under a lot of pressure to make feast special for everyone on site and we will do our best to be accommodating, however, we want to make things fair and fun for all the players.

May Friday Night Menu:
Chicken Salad Croissant $3.50
Hot Dogs $1.00
   Add Chili $0.50
   Add Cheese $0.25
Tater Tots
Add Chili $0.50
   Add Cheese $0.25
Nachos with Cheese $2.00
   Add Chili $1.00
May Saturday Lunch Menu:
Hamburger $2.25
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $2.25
   Add Cheese $0.25
   Add Bacon (1) $0.75
Add lettuce, tomato, or onion at no charge
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Wraps $3.00

May Feast Menu:
Sauerbraten (German Beef Pot Roast)
Roasted Pork with Apples
Paprikash (Creamy Chicken Stew seasoned with Hungarian Paprika and peppers, slight amount of spice heat)
Mashed Potatoes
Herbed Spätzle (tiny German dumplings)
Rotkohl (German Red Cabbage)
Fresh Steamed Green Beans
Roasted Mushrooms
Garden Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing
Black Forest Cake
Apple Pound Cake
Banana Pudding   

**If you have dietary concerns in regard to the menus posted above, please contact Nancy or Kat and we will make every reasonable effort to make sure your dietary needs are met.

** If you are part of a large group and your group will not be eating in the tavern, please contact Nancy or Kat so that we can better plan for the event.
I'm sort of curious how many of the 4+ hours individuals did their time all in one solid block and/or monstered the Saturday night Field battle.
Hodgepodge Tavern / Lee opens the door
« Last post by Elena on April 12, 2017, 04:05:03 PM »
posts a missive to the board, and leaves.
Hodgepodge Tavern / Re: The Wall
« Last post by Elena on April 12, 2017, 04:04:19 PM »
Citizens of Shadowmoor,

The Ogre Empire has declared war against us.

Its imperative that we all consider this a serious and ongoing threat to our own lives, as well as to the safety of the greater Shadowmoor area, Docksides and beyond.

We're not going to sit idle and wait for them to show up - right?

It is up to us to work together to make sure that we are all doing our part to protect ourselves and each other from infiltrators. We can do this by making smart decisions, and using good tactics to protect both life force and magic items.

If you'd like to get informed, please reach out to your local Guildmasters, as they are ready to provide you insight on how to protect yourself, your cabinmates, and the rest of Shadowmoor. Your interest and vigilance would be appreciated and could save your lives and your stuff.

Give no quarter to invaders! Be vigilant and take safety and security seriously.

     In good faith,

General Discussion / Making a Mon-STAR!
« Last post by Jess Collier on April 11, 2017, 09:33:47 AM »
First, I'd like to thank everyone for their great feedback about all the makeup mon-STARS last event! We'd definitely like to continue sending more out as time and resources permit so I wanted to let everyone know what to plan for when signing up for one of these shifts:

-Pregegistering: We will make a post the week of the event to preregister. You will need to email us with your name, what shift you're preregistering for, and specify if you'd like to makeup or tabard monster.
- Costuming: We will either ask for specific styles of costuming or generic costuming. If we ask for generic, it means just the basics that any race could wear. Pants, shirt, hood, shoes, belt, and pouches. If necessary, we will provide any accessories to complete your mon-STARs ensemble, whether it be a tabard, prosthetics, or even a fancy hat!
Please do not wear anything specifically identifiable as belonging to your PC.
- Makeup: There will be plenty of opportunities to wear makeup. If you are allergic to anything or do not want to wear makeup, please specify when you preregister so we can plan accordingly.
- Borrowing from Plot: There will be times that players may be put in prosthetics and/or specific costuming/accessories for their mon-STAR that belongs to the game or Plot members. Please treat these as if they are your own and return them when you are done mon-STARing. 
- Checking in: If you have been told you will be getting into makeup, please know this takes time and coordination so show up to the plot cabin dressed and at the time instructed. The more makeup monsters the more time it will take to get everyone ready so please be punctual (or maybe even early!) so we can start our field battle on time. 

Thanks everyone! I look forward to making you a Mon-STAR!
Mmmm, data. Thanks for taking the time to include total attendance, total players who monstered, and MT hours worked! It really gives a nice perspective.

Would love to see a bar graph at the end of the year. I really like data
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