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General Discussion / Tavern Menu for June
« Last post by Kat on May 26, 2017, 07:18:12 AM »
Menu for June

Friday Night
BBQ Chicken Sandwich    $3
Sloppy Joes    $3

Saturday Night
Stir Fry served with white rice choice of Beef or Chicken:   $5
Teriyaki Beef with Broccoli
Chicken Ginger Lemongrass with Squash & Zucchini
Pasta Salad (spicy or regular)
Bowl $2.25
Plate $4
Administrivia / May 2017 Event Survey is open!
« Last post by Casey Hardy on May 24, 2017, 09:30:23 PM »

It will be open through next Wednesday. Please take a moment to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve the game. Thanks!
As a matter of game policy, sexual activity onsite is prohibited. No first, second, or third base. This has been a fairly well enforced soft social policy for a very long time, but we're calling it out here to be absolutely clear that nobody needs to be walking that line. (Keep in mind this is coming from someone who met her husband at a Shadowmoor event! Romance happens, it just needs to be handled appropriately!)

The in-game convention for simulating such activities has usually been "backrubs", but you must not engage in even that level of contact without enthusiastic verbal player consent being both requested and received. Your character can be a giant flirt and get around with anybody they want in play, but don't take that activity out of play, and don't take even this level of roleplay over any lines not enthusiastically crossed by both parties.

To be CRYSTAL clear: questionable behavior will definitely earn you a conversation with game management and may get you a request to leave site and cool off for a while. Anything that crosses an actual line of harassment or non-consensual activity will result in a swift ban for the person who makes that move. Game management will err on the side of caution in order to protect our community, so don't go there.

Our goal is to maintain a safe community for all ages of our player range at Shadowmoor. Not everyone who plays this game is of an age to even legally provide consent, and this is not a problem we want to rear its ugly head even in rumor, so we ask everyone to support the game in keeping this a very PG-13 atmosphere as far as this topic is concerned. We will very likely ask you (and probably also any guardian, if applicable!) to leave site if we have a genuine concern about anything occurring that walks a line of appropriate behavior. If you would not want to be walked in on by a parent, relative, teacher, poor unsuspecting rogue marshal, or (chaos forbid) ME OR KEVIN while you are doing something, don't do it. Avoid even the appearance of impropriety!

For the good of the entire game, please exercise the very best of your judgement with regards to all of the above. Thank you!
Administrivia / Policy: Onsite Guardians and Responsibilities for Under-18s
« Last post by Casey Hardy on May 21, 2017, 06:34:03 PM »
Effective starting immediately, players under 18 and their guardian(s) must check in at the beginning of each event with check-in logistics (Casey) so we know who they are and where you are staying in case of an emergency.

Who can be a Guardian?

Parents, permanent legal guardians, and adult relatives are all okay guardians by default.

If the guardian is not your parent/permanent legal guardian or adult relative, we need direct personal or written communication from someone who is, stating who is the approved onsite guardian and that they accept that role for the weekend.

If that means you need to arrange this with other people before an event, please take care to handle it well in advance (NOT the day of an event!)! If you show up without that information we will not be able to allow you to participate. You can always email and we'll help get the right communication sorted out.

If you are 15 (the minimum age to play Shadowmoor) you must have a designated guardian physically with you onsite at all times.

If you are 16-17, your guardian doesn't need to accompany you onsite everywhere, but they are still responsible for your well-being and adherence to game policies. The same check-in and communication requirements apply above. This isn't trying to suggest you guys can't take care of yourselves, but there are some legal liability requirements in play here, and this is the game's policy to fulfill them. We need to know where to go ASAP if an emergency happens.

Responsibilities of Guardians

If you are ACTING as a guardian, you have some direct responsibilities for the whole event - you need to stay with or have a general awareness of where your wards are on site depending on age, respond in case of an emergency, and make sure game policies are upheld. You may not casually hand off the responsibility of being a guardian to somebody else - you need to speak with Game Management if there is an emergency that requires this, and we need to find someone else who's acceptable to fill that role and acknowledge their responsibilities. That role CANNOT go to GMs or staff or whole-event game volunteers (probably not surprising, but we do not permit them to take over that role while they are operating as staff for the game unless it's their own children involved, as they have other duties that take priority).

If you're accepting the role of a guardian on behalf of someone's parent or legal guardian, you are then accountable to them and to us for anything that happens on site. Don't take on that role lightly!

(We will get up some more official website pointers to this process soon, but needed to address it quickly, so here ya go.)
General Discussion / May armor & weapon check-in
« Last post by G_Pellman on May 11, 2017, 04:47:39 PM »
It's that time agian! We will be starting armor and weapon checking at 6pm Friday night. We are short-staffed this month so please get your stuff checked in before opening. After
Ley-on we will be going in-play. If at this point you have yet to get checked you can come find me (I stay at the gipsy cabin) or Emma.

Have fun and remember to play safe!
Hodgepodge Tavern / Re: The Wall
« Last post by Draven on May 05, 2017, 11:52:35 AM »
The skull of a raven hangs on the wall. "We are watching" is engraved on it.
Hodgepodge Tavern / A hooded figure enters the tavern
« Last post by Draven on May 05, 2017, 11:51:09 AM »
A hooded figure wearing all black walks in and places an object on the wall. He turns around and leaves.
Hodgepodge Tavern / Re: The Wall
« Last post by AmyL on May 03, 2017, 01:23:53 PM »
General Discussion / Plot Needs - May 12 - 14
« Last post by Jess Collier on May 03, 2017, 07:23:48 AM »
We are asking for the following donations for the May event!

Please email us at to stake your claim on what you'd like to donate to your wonderful and deserving plot team.
Rewards for donating can be found here:

If there is a specific link, please purchase only what is listed. Some of us (me) may be picky :D

From our Amazon wishlist, we will need the following immediately (for May 12 - 14 event):

Clothes pins
Stake Flags
Tree Face

For makeup:
Ben Nye Aquacake (1oz): Mustardseed
Ben Nye Aquacake (1oz): Marigold
Ben Nye Aquacake (1oz): Cosmic Blue
Ben Nye Aquacake (1oz): Stormy Blue

Fae horns: 10 sets in various colors

We have a few specific plot needs that we need some awesome and amazing boffersmiths to help us out with. Please email us at for more information.

Packets! We always need packets!
General Discussion / (Storyboard) Unexpected Visitors
« Last post by jcollier2001 on May 01, 2017, 06:11:47 PM »
A popular apothecary in Solace has been seen frequenting the bars, always telling about an odd encounter with the Sheathmakers.  Once enough alcohol has been drank, he finds the right moment to recount the tale.

“My grandfather made that door,” he always begins as he swishes his drink—typically a pint of beer—above his head, “and that door has been affixed to my home since I was a little boy.  And it would have been there for another generation, too!  The wood was still solid; the pieces still had that healthy nuance that you see on a tree that has been recently flattened, and if I had of been in my right state of mind and not scared for my life when I ran out of the house, I would have grabbed a piece or two of that door.  It was a relic!”

With a little more passing of time, he goes deeper into the story, “So I was slouching back against my chair reading an old book of mine called Counter’s Field, Potions for the Resourceful by Taryn Crovis, and I had my..” he gestures to his right as though grasping for some phantom object with both hands, “my favorite glass filled with some tea that my cousin bought that was imported from the Sampan islands—green tea with an exotic, refreshing flavor.  Yeah, I was still winding up for the long night even though it was fast approaching midnight.
“Well just as I was getting to my favorite piece about potion absorption and mineral catalysis, I heard someone,” he throws his arms outward and kicks against the air, “kicking against my door with some mighty vigor.”  He pauses and stares out with a frustrated look on his face. “Before I could get up to answer the door, I saw the corner edge of a battle axe go right behind my door handle.”

After ordering another pint the man continues, “So I did what any reasonable man in my position would do, and I scrambled up out of my chair and made my way into my kitchen to find anything to defend myself.  After a few more swift blows against grandfather’s once strapping door, the two had finally made enough damage to kick the door in.  As soon as the door swung open, they ran in with a fervor, nearly forgetting to close the door behind them like the gentlemanly sort they were,” he says, dawning a dramatic look and sound of sarcasm as he says the last part. 

“So the door was slammed shut so hard that I heard the frame of the door cringe at their brutality.  Still in my kitchen, but now with a large cleaver in my hand, I peered around the corner and saw the smaller of the two men run into my living room as the larger man braced himself against the door.  Moments later with no hesitance, the smaller one brought the first of a few pieces of furniture and placed them against the door to batten it shut.  ‘I don’t think that this will hold for too long, but maybe it will give us enough time to run out the back,’ said the little one as he looked around my house for more things to brace against the door. ‘Oh hell no!  This thing won’t hold a budge from that bastard,’ said the bigger one, still holding fast to the axe in his right hand.”

The apothecary takes a swig, “So I stood there for what felt like hours, watching as the two fellows stared wide eyed at the door, clearly not sure what they should do after finally having a few minutes to catch their breath from the evidently hard run that they had.  For several minutes they described their own perspectives of this thing that had attacked their group of Sheathmakers as they were making their way from some fort near Akadai.”  Getting a stern look on his face, the man continues, “Supposedly they were attacked by a creature after hearing some very loud chains while they were walking down one of the roads between Akadai and wherever they were going.  This thing stood—according to those crazed Sheathmakers—seven feet tall and had chains draped about its back and sides.  From the chains were attached, get this, a collection of heads--barbarian, elves, even some glowing eyed skull—and several of them were fresh.  I remember the bigger guy saying several times, ‘It was smiling.  The damned thing was smiling,’ when he was describing it effortlessly cutting through their group and beheading a few along the way.  I believe the smaller one said that there were easily twenty of the Sheathmakers that were in the group, so this thing must have been some sturdy monstrosity.  Regardless,” he takes a sip, “these guys were so scared to be outside that they boarded themselves inside of my house, locked the door shut with furniture, and stared at that door for as long as I cared to keep my eye on them.  If I didn’t think they were a little out of their minds, I would have been scared to go outside to Denny’s house.  Luckily he’s been letting me stay there because I don’t think those buffoons have left my house yet!”
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