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Author Topic: The Wall  (Read 87203 times)


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #75 on: April 07, 2017, 05:50:42 AM »
Character: Sean
Player: Michael "Doc" Lone


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #76 on: April 12, 2017, 04:04:19 PM »
Citizens of Shadowmoor,

The Ogre Empire has declared war against us.

Its imperative that we all consider this a serious and ongoing threat to our own lives, as well as to the safety of the greater Shadowmoor area, Docksides and beyond.

We're not going to sit idle and wait for them to show up - right?

It is up to us to work together to make sure that we are all doing our part to protect ourselves and each other from infiltrators. We can do this by making smart decisions, and using good tactics to protect both life force and magic items.

If you'd like to get informed, please reach out to your local Guildmasters, as they are ready to provide you insight on how to protect yourself, your cabinmates, and the rest of Shadowmoor. Your interest and vigilance would be appreciated and could save your lives and your stuff.

Give no quarter to invaders! Be vigilant and take safety and security seriously.

     In good faith,



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Re: The Wall
« Reply #77 on: April 25, 2017, 08:10:38 AM »
Feast Menu
((Please see General Discussion post for more OOP information))
"We have, I fear, confused power with greatness." - Stewart Udall


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Re: The Wall
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Re: The Wall
« Reply #79 on: May 05, 2017, 11:52:35 AM »
The skull of a raven hangs on the wall. "We are watching" is engraved on it.


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #80 on: June 01, 2017, 07:56:47 PM »
aspiring celestial generalist/preferably confinist seeks tutor

                       -contact manwe, staying in the battle healers tent/buildings
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Re: The Wall
« Reply #81 on: June 04, 2017, 04:51:25 AM »
Attention Knights and Squires of Shadowmoor,

You are hearby called to a meeting at noon on Saturday of the upcoming gather in the tavern.

~Sir Karn.
"It's just a flesh wound."

Sir Karn

David McNeal

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Re: The Wall
« Reply #82 on: September 12, 2017, 11:54:47 PM »
People of Shadowmoor,
I wish to go on the record in the event the Grove or some proxy of the Armory occupants permanently kills me.  Last gather, some concerned individuals came to me asking why I wouldnot give up control of the Armory Dwarves to the people who murdered me and kicked me out of my home since I was thought to be retiring soon.  To this, I wish reply publicly with a some explanation and history. When I first arrived in Shadowmoor, I had just finished my Apprenticeship and was able to make gold weapons and shields.  I had found a town without anyone capable of smithing weapons or understanding how the process worked, much less how to price and sell them.  I then left for Tyrra's Clanthia as a part of my Journeyman's teaching to become a Master Smith.  I found myself stuck there due to a temporal issue and forced to stay until they rewrote their history (whole other story).  So I stayed there for several years, honing my craft and becoming a Grandmaster Smith of the highest order with several  students who still inhabit the Sutherlands.  When I returned home, I was asked by Ms. Chandella to operate the forge of the Armory and make it turn a profit without any financial backing.  Apparently, in the years I had been away there had been an issue with keeping the place staffed and running.  Each year, the building would empty out and a new group would be tasked to take their place.  Not many weapons or shields seemed to be made either as most of town walked about with common materials for weapons and shields, with the exclusion of NaNG and the R&B.  The forge's anvil had even been stolen along with the scrolls to make adamantine, mithril, and meteoric iron items.  The anvil was eventually found in the hands of the Ogre Empire who sold it back to the Armory for two thousand gold.  Money that came out of the pockets of those trying to operate the building.

So I went to task trying to educate town on why they might need to get a silver or gold weapon made and how much it would run.  I also explained how cost could be reduced by providing the materials to make equipment instead of buying it at an upcharge (from what the Armory paid) from the establishment.  Aside from a few staffing issues where employees decided to stop showing up for work, things went well.  We were eventually blessed by the druidic powers that be and bestowed scrolls to create weapons of Amrothian materials to replace the ones that had been stolen prior.  I vowed to the druidic powers to provide for Shadowmoor's smithing needs, even the needs of necromancers at the behest of the powers asking for the vow.  It was at this point that I determined that the Armory requires at least one fully trained Apprentice smith to remain functional and that the building must remain out of politics in order to keep the promises given.  By making weapons and shields, those invested into the forge (excluding the half-trained apprentice dwarves) the druidic powers would provide upgradable amenities.  This is why the forge must be operated by someone who has at least completed their Apprenticeship in smithing.

As restaffing of management occurred, Keilani purchased the shares of the building from Djembe and Pi Mae.  Had I known she was associated with the Grove, I would not have allowed shares to be sold.  As many of you had issues with Keilani, so did she with me.  At about the same time Nuru came to Shadowmoor and started learning smithing under me, Keilani was being fed information that I was going to murder everyone in the building and asked that I sleep somewhere other than the main building.  I complied in order to relieve tension in the building and help prevent a mass desertion.  As her and Sir Knox's paranoia intensified, I was forced to take action as I was told that my ability to operate the forge was going to be violently taken from me by the Knight Protector.  It was at this point that Keilani and Sir Knox stepped away from managing the Armory and it was handed over to Luc.

Working with Luc seemed to go over well.  After a month or so of explaining to various town representatives that he "was not Keilani", things seemed to operate smoothly.  I confided in Luc that I was considering retiring from the Armory after training up a suitable replacement.  I then took two gathers off to tend to things back in Arusha, only to come back and find out a weapon order for Ko'Jik was two months late in getting completed and that Nuru had sold an obsidian sword to Aleph for well under the cost of the components to make it.  When asked about approaching Aleph about the mistake, there was nothing but a response of fear of retribution from NaNG.  After straightening out the issue with Ko'Jik, I proceeded to build a few small weapons to aid in upgrading the forge amenities before passing out in a chair in my home.

My next memory was of coming to in the Infirmary's ressurrection circle.  No one from the Armory was waiting for me and no message from the Armory had been relayed to the Infirmary about what had happened.  With it being late, I obtained a small escort to walk me home only to find my Ward control stripped and the forge's guardian under my control unresponsive (I would later find out it was destroyed).  The only person awake and responsive would not speak to anyone so long as I was present, so I waited on the Mage's Guild porch while my escort spoke with the occupants of the building.  I was later informed that the building had an attempted invasion where everyone who had not gone to fight Saturday night had died except Nuru.  The ward was still intact, the guardians unharmed, and supposedly the R&B had attacked the building by attempting to blow the ward and I was colluding with them.  After everyone had resurrected, I was killed and the forge's guardian was destroyed.  At least that's the story I was told.  Please note that I still retained control over the forge guardian and the forge dwarves and told the dwarves to cease work the following
morning after spending the night in the Mage's Guild.

This past gather, I was assaulted by Seamus (he felt bad about it) under orders from "Chad" so that I could be held captive behind the Armory ward.  There, I was magically restrained as the High Warden, High Druid, and Aleph stood about explaining that Luc was going to lose a life for killing me in my home and that I need to let Nuru have access to the forge's dwarves or else there were going to be consequences.  The reasoning behind giving up access to the dwarves was that it would be a waste of resources of the Oasis.  The irony being that I possess more skill at smithing than all of the forge dwarves combined and was kept from operating the forge was not lost on me.  I declined saying that the person who operates the forge should be able to take care of Town's smithing needs without the use of the dwarves and that if Nuru can't handle it, she shouldn't be left in charge of the forge.  Please note, I'm not expecting someone of my smithing caliber to be my successor.  I just expect them to have finished up their Apprenticeship and be able to make a gold weapon, much like I did when I first walked into Town.

The following day, I notice that Aleph, the man who Nuru and Luc feared confronting, spent a bit of time hanging around the Armory speaking to the building's leadership.  I cannot help but feel that there is some degree of collusion to run me out of town and replace me with a puppet who can't serve the needs of town.  It wouldn't be a far stretch to insinuate that Nuru spoke with Keilani about removing me from the forge to take my place and that when Keilani stepped away, Nuru fabricated a story to entice Luc to cast me out after the building had been rolled by, supposedly, external forces.  After all, if I had been colluding with the R&B, why would they have been trying to blow the ward when I had ward control?  Why would they leave an obvious witness?  Why didn't all of the building's guardians activate to protect the occupants when I can only control one of them?

One of the building's occupants told a friend of mine that I "need to learn to let go."  So I am.  I am cutting off all the past friendships I held with those that run the Armory.  I have a more qualified successor to put in place and will remove the cancer that is hurting town.  Politics have no place in the Armory.  There is only the forge and I will have access to it.  I wish no harm onto any who dwell in the building, but if they cross me in reclaiming the forge for the good of town, I promise nothing.  I will not be "forced into retirement" and plan to be around until a fitting replacement can be instated at the forge.

With a Fire That Burns Like Heart of a Thousand Suns,
-Mbuntu of Arusha,
Forgemaster of Shadowmoor,
Greatest Living Smith of Two Realms

PS  I have no desire to physically harm anyone for the transgressions against me.  I just want to work the forge safely and in peace.  To deny me that is to deny a warrior their weapon or a caster their magic.  If the forge is denied me, then those who allow it will be held responsible.  I will choose to retire on my own terms at my own time.


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #83 on: September 13, 2017, 09:16:54 AM »
Cecil T'orn, formerly of Sudbyr, lately undead Death Knight. Last seen in the Oasis on All Hallows of 607.
He publicly cut off my horns when I was Sylvan and tried to force me to join him in undeath.
If you have any information, please see Min or Yurvin Andell.


Patrick Radford

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Re: The Wall
« Reply #84 on: October 08, 2017, 04:20:45 PM »
Scrolls for sale!

Bargain prices on formal scrolls!
Noted if shotted and how many of each one we have for sale!

Create Formal Earth -5g -x8
Cleanse - 2 shot - 15g - x4
Disrupt Earth Magic - 2 Shot - 15g - x2
Disrupt Earth Magic - 25g - x1
Enchant Earth - 30g - x1
Enchant Earth Half time double components - 10g -x1
Soul Shield - 2 shot - 30g - x1
Soul Shield - 60g - x1
Expand Earth Enchantments - 60g -  x3
Expand Celestial Enchantments - 60g - x2
Cloak vs Life - 1 Shot - Best Offer
Transform to Sylvani - 1 Shot - Best Offer
Unique Create Flesh Golem - 3 Shot - 200g - x1
Create Acid Squire - 1 shot - 45g - x1
Create Acid Squire - 3 Shot - 60g - x1

*All scrolls are Or Best Offer. Willing to negotiate all prices listed!

If you wish to purchase any of these items contact Cado or Roland from the R&B.
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Re: The Wall
« Reply #85 on: October 09, 2017, 12:35:19 PM »

OOP:  Soul Shields will be cast "at the Rose Keep" and by that we mean "at Logistics on Friday night." 
Find Weston Burns in the tavern -- he'll be doing money change out and also "casting" the soul shields for your PCs.  This will adhere to the standard Soul Shield rules and be cast as a straight success.  You want woodgity Soul Shields you have to blow up your own scrolls. ^.~
This deal is only good until we close down Logistics, so don't be late!  You wouldn't want to miss Opening Ceremonies, anyway, right?!?

If you have ANY Shadowmoor coinage, please do money change out during logistics.  We would hate to have to default to larger, more expensive beasties, as we are running low on silver and single gold coins.
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Re: The Wall
« Reply #86 on: October 24, 2017, 03:22:21 PM »
THE HORDE is looking to purchase the following things from members of town.
  • Mithril Ore- 1.5 Gold per 10th of an Ounce (Negotiable)
  • Gems- Willing to purchase gems for Twice their Value

THE HORDE would also appreciate Information regarding the purchasing or finding of Primal Crystal

- Thrugg, Bloodrider of Kha'oz Crovo
Thruggin' ain't easy- Damien

My name will be whispered... My name will be screamed!


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #87 on: November 14, 2017, 12:26:39 AM »

(OOP: If you're interested in getting one of these done I will need to take the boffer with me when I leave site unless you're local to Raleigh.  If you want me to try to get it done in-play this weekend, I can probably manage one or two sword-sized ones but I need as much notice as possible for it, thanks!)


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Re: The Wall
« Reply #88 on: January 23, 2018, 10:57:50 AM »
To all Barbarians of the oasis,

Join me in uniting the Barbarian tribes. I have seen enough atrocities to say enough is enough. We must stand together and fight. No longer will we quarrel with one another. I ask that you join me and my companions to create a guild where all Barbarians have a place. Every tribe will have a voice. we will hold a council at the next gather.

-your brother in arms,
       Draven of the black wolf clan