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Author Topic: Reminder: Drugs and Alcohol Onsite  (Read 569 times)

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Reminder: Drugs and Alcohol Onsite
« on: June 01, 2017, 12:48:52 AM »
Safety and rules reminder: Drugs and Alcohol onsite!

Please keep all your hallucinoids, nausea gases, berserks, sleep poisons, and other mind-altering substances completely in play. Do not bring out of play alcohol or any illegal substances onto park property. If you are taking a controlled substance for a medical issue, keep it properly secured (in your locked car if necessary!) and if appropriate, notify our volunteer medics.

For further reference please review the "Alcohol" section of the PHB, pg. 13:

"Alcohol is not allowed at any SOLAR event, regardless of a player’s age. Anyone caught with alcohol or illegal drugs will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, ejected from the game, and may never return to any SOLAR- sponsored activity."

We respect the privacy of our players and trust them to comply with the rules of the game. However, if it happens that illegal substances are found onsite in any context, that is first and foremost a violation of state law and will result not only in someone's expulsion from the game, but the possible expulsion of the game from being able to rent Camp York in the future. Don't be that guy.

Thanks for your attention!
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