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Character Updates (Gob Out, Spend Build, etc.)

There is ONE approved way of spending your build or converting gob, and that is by writing your request on your check-out envelope. You may do this ONCE, at check-out of the event you attended. You may not do multiple gob conversions/build spends between events. You may not gob out or spend build for an event you did not attend.

This applies even if you are, for example, accumulating gob and build as a season pass holder and haven't attended in a while - your season pass automatically earns you build for events you missed, but not extra gob-outs or build spend cycles. If you last played several events ago, you got whatever you put on your check-out envelope for that event and may spend again after you attend another event.

Please don't write "I'll email you" on your envelope and then email logistics after an event. If you aren't sure whether you have enough build or gob for something, just write what you would LIKE to spend build on if you have enough. Heck, you can write "option 1 if I have enough" and "option 2 if I can't afford option 1" if you want to. Just keep it all on that envelope and make sure your writing is legible to tired Logistics staff! :)

Bottom line, we just can't deal with multiple conflicting information sources for character updates. That's how a character sheet gets messed up, and nobody wants that. Help us help you!

Respending, Retraining, and Retiring

On the topic of Respending and Retraining (PHB pg. 245):

These two options, as well as Medical Respends, apply EXCLUSIVELY to altering the purchased skills and chosen class for the same character. Neither of these options includes a racechange - those must be performed through in-play methods. The only exception to this as it applies to changing race is a situation where someone encounters an allergy or obstacle that prevents them from fulfilling a makeup requirement, or if they are consistently unable to meet their makeup requirements despite repeated warnings - then your character will be respent as Human.

These options are not a mechanism to "reroll" one character's build into a new character. The difference in why you might choose between Respending and Retraining usually boils down to which one is more advantageous in cost - sometimes it's way cheaper to retrain to get where you want to go.

There is NO casual option to retire a character or remove it from the books and put some of its Build into a new or other existing character. Choosing to make a new character can offer you new opportunities to experience the game in ways you never have before. Some people make 2-3 characters within their first few years - and that's fine, if that's how you like to play! But be aware that the associated Build will forever remain with those characters, even if you eventually choose never to play them again.

Character Build Questions

Please email if you would like to know your character's current build, your gob totals, or anything else regarding character logistics. We will respond as quickly as possible. Please be aware that Logistics is generally unavailable for one week immediately preceding and immediately following each event, so that we may complete event prep and event debriefing.

-- AdminUser - 24 May 2016
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